Henny van der Berg. RIP

Henny had an outstanding career as a breeder, an International Show judge and dog trainer. Her bright enquiring mind always questioned and probed, never just accepted. As a consequence of this our collective understanding of chiari malformation and syringomyelia is so much more than it would have been.

Sandy Ross Smith

For the Love of Ollie – A story of compassion and courage

“When Oliver was about eight months old, he started to slow down and lose his spark. His eyes, once hopeful and eager, became listless and sad. This is the story of a brave little dog’s fight against syringomyelia”

Book sales that raised thousands of pounds for genetic research


Margaret Carter – Cavalier Health Campaigner

I have owned cavaliers since 1976, when we bought a tricolour puppy for my daughter. She won two classes at a fun dog show and started me on a long career of showing and breeding dogs.In 1992 I bred my once-in-a-lifetime Cavalier, Monty (Champion Mareve Indiana) who became a leading stud dog with Champion children all over the world. When Monty was nine years old I found out he was implicated in the spread of a newly identified health problem called syringomyelia (SM).

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Tania Ledger – and her amazing charity Cavalier Matters

An extremely energetic campaigner, Tania attends various canine and companion animal exhibitions to raise awareness of CMSM and other genetic diseases affecting CKCS. Advice is given to Cavalier owners and members of the public who are thinking of buying a Cavalier puppy – read more 

Cavalier Matters

Lynn Burton RIP

Lynn has written this article at the request of Tania Ledger (Cavalier Matters) as a synopsis of her talk given at the Companion Cavalier Club Health Seminar on 18th November 2012  Here

Carol Fowler

Carol’s story began after her first dog, Bonnie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was diagnosed with Chiari malformation and Syringomyelia (CMSM). Bonnie was a severe case and suffered greatly during her short life. This devastating experience led Carol to carry out her own research into the dog breeding industry. She found an industry in denial of the widespread genetic health and welfare problems of dogs and an industry which was very poorly regulated. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 failed to recognise this. In 2008 Carol played a significant role in the BBC documentary, ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’, directed by Jemima Harrison. The documentary exposed serious inherited health problems in the canine population.

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